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Buy to Let Mortgage

Thinking of a Buy To Let Mortgage?
Got money lying dormant in your property?

Have you ever given much thought as to how you can achieve financial security for yourself and maybe even for your family? Have you ever wished you could pay off your mortgage much sooner – maybe even in half the time? Ever stopped to think that you may not have enough disposable income to achieve all of this? Are you dissatisfied with pensions and investments but wondered what the alternatives are?

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Well, if you’ve got money lying dormant in your property, then you too could have an investment property and this may be just the answer to all of these questions.

Buying an investment property is much easier and more accessible than you may think. What other credible alternative is there to creating true wealth to give you financial security?

Buy to Let Devon

Why not use other people’s money (i.e. tenants) to pay for your future financial security? In most cases the mortgage is covered by the rent. Consideration should be taken should you not have a tenant and also maintenance costs of the property. But at least by owning the property it is you who is enjoying capital growth over the years. In general terms, all you need is 20% equity in your property to get started.

If you are looking into starting an investment property portfolio, it is important that you do as much research as possible.  It is very easy to be lead into paying a lot of money to attend property seminars and often this can be a teaser to eventually make you join a very expensive investment property club.  With the right information and guidance, you can learn everything you need to know about investing in property and buy to let without it costing you a penny.  Finding the right company with specialists in this field is one of the best ways to get started. 

The founders of Custom Mortgage Solutions Limited have been involved with property investors for more than 19 years and have identified a niche in the market place for the increasing numbers of “buy to letters” and have helped amateur property investors develop into fully fledged profitable landlords. 

Some Interesting Facts
Over a million households live in Buy to Let properties worth well over £120 billion, contributing over £30 billion to the economy each year - more than that made by all the pubs, hotels and restaurants in the country and over four times more than the motor industry.Survey by CBI January 2006

The University of Reading Business School forecast an average growth in numbers of Buy to Let tenancies of 20-30,000 a year over the next ten years. Survey conducted by Reading Business School November 2006

In a recent study by The Property Investor Show, figures suggested that 62.7% of people are planning to purchase a buy to let property within the next year whilst 23.5% plan to sell.  Despite the market stabilizing in recent months, the buy to let market continues to be a firm choice for long term investors. The main reason for this is what other options do investors have?
Survey conducted by The Property Investor Show February 2007
Buy to Let mortgages may not be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

This is our "Mortgage Risk Warning".

There will be a fee for mortgage advice. The precise amount will depend on your circumstances but we estimate it to be £595.