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  • We are whole of market brokers, so we'll search every insurance provider in the UK to ensure that you get the best products, at the best price for your personal situation.

    Our team of friendly, expert brokers is here to help you make selecting the right policy easy. They will talk you through the maze of jargon (decreasing, level term and CIC) and explain it all, so that you make an informed decision. We will then confirm in writing everything that has been discussed and encourage you to come back to us if you have any further questions.

  • Custom Mortgage Solutions

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Everything from a simple Life Insurance policy to full-fledged estate planning and Will writing. We've got you covered.

  • Life Insurance

    Life insurance cover can help with the repayment of debts such as mortgage repayments and can also assist dependants financially in the unfortunate circumstance of the policy holder’s death.

  • Mortgage Protection

    Mortgage life insurance is a type of life insurance that pays out to cover the cost of your mortgage if you die within the term of the policy - it means your spouse or partner and any dependants won't need to fund monthly mortgage repayments after your death.

  • Family Protection

    Family life insurance, another way of describing life insurance, pays out a lump sum or a regular income on death and can offer a financial lifeline to grieving relatives. A policy could, for example, clear the mortgage or any other debts so your family would not have to worry about losing the roof over their heads.

  • Whole of Life Insurance

    Whole-of-life assurance is different because your family can make a claim whenever you die. In other words, a claim is assured, hence the name, and the policy is guaranteed to pay out at that point, whenever it might be.

  • Over 50s Life Insurance

    Life insurance premiums rise with age, so if you are thinking of arranging cover later in life, it’s worth considering a specialist policy for the over 50s.

  • Critical Illness Cover

    Critical Illness Cover pays you a tax-free cash lump sum as long as you are diagnosed as having one of the illnesses specified in the policy. This can be immediate help with your finances, but in addition can also help with any care costs you may incur, medical bills or sometimes even travelling abroad for treatment.

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We are whole of the market intermediary and therefore can find you the best price available at any given time. Try us!

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  • AIG Life Insurance
  • Aviva Life Insurance
  • Royal London Life Insurance
  • L&G Life Insurance
  • LV Life Insurance
  • Vitality Life Insurance
  • Zurich Life Insurance
  • and many more..

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